Most of the public phones in Parga are now cardphones which can be easily found throughout the town. The cards can be purchased in the I.T.S. and PARGA.NET offices and most other shops. It is worth noting that cheap rate time is after 10 pm. Alternatively you may use the public phone in the ITS offices where your units are metered and you pay at the end of your call.


You can buy stamps from the the I.T.S. and PARGA.NET offices at Post rates and at the Post Office.

Post office

This is situated by the main crossroad of Parga, next to the Police Station and is open as follows: Mon - Fri 08.00 - 13.00. The post boxes are bright yellow and you will find them outside the Post Office and a few others around Parga.


We know how important is for you to be connected, specially when you are away from home and you want to be in touch with your family and friends. If your not lucky enough to have one of those "road warrior" gadgets...

Wi-Fi internet in PargaYou can visit the PARGA.NET office on the harbor and use their computers, of course for a (low) fee. PARGA.NET is also providing Wi-Fi internet access on the harbour.

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