Health & safety tips


The tap water in Parga is safe to drink but it is still advisable to buy bottled water from any of the supermarkets.


Greek plumbing is of a different type to most other countries so please remember to place all waste paper in the bins provided and not in the toilet.


The voltage here is 220V and you will need a two-pin adapter.


You can buy mosquito repellants from all supermarkets and pharmacies and it also helps to keep your arms and legs covered after sunset.

The sun

Be sensible and avoid over-exposure to the sun as this can cause sunstroke and sunburn which can ruin your holiday. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


Greece was always known as somewhere you can keep your front door always open but nowadays, with the influx of tourists in the summer season, it is advisable to lock up and always keep your balcony shutters closed while you are out and when asleep at night.


The roads around Greece can be a little scary - always take care whether as a driver or pedestrian. If driving always use a seat belt and if hiring a moped be especially cautious and always use a crash helmet.

Flashing headlights: Cars flash their lights to advise you that they are coming so that you stay put. They also flash when they want to overtake you, indicating for you to move over. .

Indicating: Unfortunately, many drivers on the roads in Halkidiki are not aware of the location of their indicators, therefore they are not usually used, whether it be for turning or overtaking.

Roundabouts: In Greece priority is always given to the car approaching the round about from the right – This means giving way whilst on the roundabout itself. However, approach all roundabouts with caution, as many fellow tourists are often unfamiliar with this procedure.

Speed limits: Please take heed of any speed limits as it is still an offence to exceed the stated limit on that particular road and there are regular Police Check points.

If you are stopped by the Police: Ensure that you have in your possession the following documents: Car Hire Contract / Current Driving license / Passport

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